..River Massan

River Massan A tributary of the River Echaig located in the scenic Massan Valley.  The river provides a variety of pools, glides, broken water, gorges and falls for the angler.  There is a healthy population of Brown Trout present.  Salmon and Sea Trout are also present in the system from June onwards during spate conditions.  Challenging fly fishing with worm and spinning also permitted.

The Massan is a multi method spate river with a variety of features to satisfy various types of angling.  There are some nice pools suitable for fly fishing, falls and pots for bait fishing and overgrown areas which lend themselves to fishing a small toby or Mepps.  Sea Trout are present in numbers from June onwards following Summer rain.  Small shoals of Grilse and Salmon are also present in late Summer and early Autumn.  Useful fly patterns for Sea Trout include Stoats Tails, Teal Blue & Silvers and spider patterns dressed on single hooks in steady water with small tubes based on similar colouration recommended for higher water.  Consistent salmon patterns include Cascade and Ally’s shrimps and gold bodied Willie Gunns in medium sizes of single, double and light tubes.  Floating or sink tip lines are suitable and the river can be fished effectively with a single handed fly rod.  The river can be dangerous whilst in spate so care must be taken especially near the falls area.



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