Competitions for 2017 season

Sat 8th April  1st Tarsan Comp

The day started off cloudy but cleared away in the afternoon and the loch was quite low and muddy in parts for fishing.

Results for the first Tarsan comp, 8/04/2017 are as follows:

Seven members came to the weigh in at 6pm in the boathouse and the top rod for the day was Lee Lindop with 10 fish at 7lbs 10ozs. Second was Keith Mackenzie with 10 fish at  6lbs 8ozs and third was Bill Rankin with 7 fish at 4lbs 9ozs.  The  heaviest fish of the day was caught by Lee at 1lbs 5ozs

Sat 6th May 2nd Tarsan comp  

The second Tarsan competition was held on 6th May 2017 on a very bright day with a gusting wind.  The fishing was hard for some and easier for others.  Nine competitors came to the weigh in at 6pm at the boat house.

The top rod for the day was Lee Lindop, with 7 fish at 4lb 12ozs.  The second place was Bill Rankin, with two fish at 1lb 6ozs.  In joint third place was Harry Lindop and Ron Ganley, with one fish each at 1lb 2ozs

Sat 27th May ..3rd Tarsan Comp

The third Tarsan competition on the 27th May 2017, the loch was very low and conditions were tough, no wind and sometimes a light breeze.

Eight came to the weigh in at the boathouse, the top rod on the day was Keith Mackenzie with 7 fish at 4lb 15 ozs. In  second place was Harry Lindop with 4 four fish at 2lb 14 ozs.  In third place Mike Lindop with 2 fish at 1lb 1 oz.

The next Tarsan competition  is on Friday, 16 th June which is the Moth Competition.  The fourth Tarsan competition is on Friday, 24 June 2017

Sat 24th June.. 4th Tarsan Comp

A strong gusting wind combined with a high loch made fishing hard on Saturday, 24 June 2017 for the fourth Tarsan competition. Only six competitors came to the weigh in at the boathouse at 6pm and the top rod for the day was Lee Lindop with 10 fish at 5lb 8ozs. In second place was Bill Rankin, with 4 four at 2lbs

Sat 5th Aug …. 5th Tarsan Comp

The final Tarsan competition was held on Saturday 5th August 2017. Only five competitors came to the weigh in. The top rod was Bill Rankin, with six fish at 2lbs 15ozs. All five competitors weighed in fish.

After five days of intense fishing the Tarsan Competition for 2017 has drawn to a close.

Nine members fished the competition

Total fish caught was 102 @ 68lbs 7oz and the heaviest fish was 1lb 5oz and the average weight was 10.7oz

1st place was Lee Lindop with 31 @ 20lbs 13oz

2nd place was Keith Mackenzie with 21 @ 13lbs 1oz

3rd place was Bill Rankin with 19 @ 10lbs 14oz

So the winner of the P.J. Mackenzie Cup for 2017 is Lee Lindop,  he also wins the Tarsan Cup for the heaviest fish at 1lb 5oz …. well done Lee !

So next season Lee Lindop, Bill Rankin and Keith Mackenzie go through to represent the club in the Scottish Nationals Competition, we wish them well !


Sat 13th May        Lake of Menteith

14 members had a very productive day at Menteith. All but two caught fish with nothing under 2 lbs

The best catch for the first three fish was Lee Lindop at 10lbs 7ozs and second was Harry Lindop at 9lbs 9oz

Lee, the definitive fish charmer, caught 17 fish in total on the day, catch and return, How does he do it ??

All the fish caught were of excellent quality

As in the past the odd Pike was hooked and duly returned for the winter pike fishing season. Possibly we should arrange a winter Outing for Pike. Anybody interested please contact David Lilley.

The Oaktree Inn provided an attractive choice of dishes on the Menu and we could patronise them again if members were happy to repeat it

Sat 22nd July           Loch Carron

16 members attended, great hospitality was provided by the Carron manager. The weather was very windy with a fair bit of rain so we were fighting the conditions all day to get a decent drift.
14 fish were caught, Lee Lindop took the best basket- 3 for 6lb 2oz, Harry Lindop took the best fish at 7lb caught from the bank after their engine broke down. Only 3 members caught the limit of 3 fish for the competition.
The day was a repeat of the July outing to Frandy last year.
A good meal was had at the Oak Tree, Balmaha.

Sat 17th Sept        Lake of Menteith

A beautiful day at Menteith but the fish were very picky with the flies. The algae was very bad in some areas like the roadside bays, it was like pulling your line through mud and the ban on killing fish was still in force. Lee Lindop had the best three fish and Davy Landsburgh tied with BIll Rankin for largest. Harry Lindop caught the most (9) but most of us struggled to get any at all. The total catch for the 13 members was 22.

Cameron Outings Cup

The member with the heaviest catch for the two outings to Menteith and one to
Carron was Lee Lindop. Due to the catch and release policy at the second Menteith outing fish were judged by length which confused not only the overall results but one of the members – he had two fish at 47 and 48 inches – possibly he used his belt from his trousers to measure!!

Friday 16th June … Tarsan Moth Competition

The water was very high, making fishing from the bank very difficult and seven competitors came to the weigh in at the boat house at 11pm.  The results are as follows:

Lee Lindop was top rod, with 8 fish at 4lb 3oz.

Second was Harry Lindop, with 3 fish at 1lb 9ozs.

Therefore Lee Lindop wins the  Tarsan Moth competition for 2017

Wed 5th July        Over 50’s Competition ( Loch Tarsan )

Only 6 competitors came to the weigh in at the boat house at 4pm.

The top rod and the winner of the over 50s competition was Bill Rankin, with 10 fish at 4lbs 14ozs. In second place was Alan Miller, with 7 fish at 4lbs 11ozs.

A total of 23 fish were caught by the six competitors, all boat fishing.

Sun 17th – Sunday 24th September … D. Pittman Competition ( Reservoir )

The final results of the Reservoir Pittman Competition from 17th September until 24th September 2017.
18 members entered the Competition, 8 members attended the Weigh-In.
The start of the week was dry and warm but from Wednesday until Sunday it was heavy rain with no members weighing in on Thursday, Saturday or Sunday.

The heaviest fish – Keith Mackenzie 3 lbs 9 oz caught Tuesday 19th  September.
Second heaviest fish Allan Miller 3 lbs 7oz caught Friday 22nd September

Heaviest basket – Keith Mackenzie  five fish for a total weight of 11 lbs 4 oz caught  Tuesday 19th  September.

John Pickett was second with five fish for  a total weight of 11 lbs 1oz.


Sat 7th – Sat 14th October … Loch Eck Competition CANCELLED

The Jimmy Docherty Rover Challenge Trophy

Winners were Bill Rankin and Allan Miller

The Peter Manson Award

Winner was John Pickett






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