Competitions (SANACC)

Members will be vetted to go forward to the National and Scottish Club events on the following criteria:

They will have won a DDAC Competition.

The winner of the  “PJ Mackenzie Cup” being offered a place in the “SANACC National “.

The Scottish Club Competition team(s) are picked from the other DDAC competition winners.

 Reserves – Shall be chosen from the membership on their skills in the Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout field to enable selection into the above, when a team placement becomes vacant.

Competitions for 2019 season

Sat 6th April  1st Tarsan Comp

There was a very poor turnout for the first competition of the 2019 season with only four anglers competing and only two anglers weighing in at 6 pm.
Lee Lindop was the top rod with four fish for 2lbs 2oz and the heaviest fish of 10 1/2 ozs. Second was Allan Miller with one fish for 8oz. Conditions were mixed starting off with a flat calm followed by a light breeze and showers. Plenty of fish showing to start off then they seemed to go down.



Sat 4th May 2nd Tarsan comp  

The second day of the Mackenzie competition was held yesterday at Loch Tarsan ,with yet again only three members competing, all three attended the weigh in at 6pm. Top rod was Lee Lindop with 10 fish for 8lbs 11ozs and his heaviest fish of 1lb 6.5ozs, in second place on the day was Ron Ganley with 8 fish for a weight of 5lbs 5 oz and a heaviest fish of 1 lb 5oz and Allan Miller came in third place with 2 fish for 2 lbs 1 oz with his heaviest at 1lb 3ozs .
The day was a mixture of bright sun some cloud cover at times but biting icy cold breeze most of the day.



Sat 25th May ..3rd Tarsan Comp

The third round of the Mackenzie Trophy was held today at Loch Tarsan and it was very poorly attended with only three members fishing and all three weighed in at the boathouse at 6pm.
Top rod on the day was Lee Lindop with 10 fish for 8lbs 5.5oz second was Allan Miller with 4 fish for 3lbs 5.3oz is and in third place was David Halliday with 1 fish for 15ozs, well done to all who took part in a very wet and cold day,

Sat 22nd June.. 4th Tarsan Comp

A very disappointing attendance for the 4th day of this competition on 22nd June, where only two members took part and both returned to  the boathouse at 6pm.

Lee Lindop had 7 fish for 5lbs and Ronnie Ganley with 2 fish for 1lb 10oz … well done guys.


Sat 3rd Aug …. 5th Tarsan Comp

 6 competitors fished with 4 weighing in. The weather – warm and bright,  overcast with rain at the last hour of the competition. All anglers enjoyed their day out. Keith Mackenzie came to cast a line, his first of the year, good to see him back.
Winner: Lee Lindop who had 6 fish, next Harry Lindop 3 fish, followed by Ron Ganley 2 fish.
Lee Lindop is the overall winner of the Mackenzie Trophy and the trophy for the largest fish caught in the competition, Lee has the privilege of fishing the SANACC National 2020.





Sat 11th May        Lake of Menteith

On Saturday 11May, Dunoon and District Angling Club had their first outing of the season to the Lake of Menteith.  The weather was a bit bright for the fishing, but 13 members had an enjoyable day.  Davy Landsburgh, President of DDAC presented Allan Miller with a bottle of whisky for the Best Basket with 3 rainbow trout weighing a total of 7 lbs 12ozand a half bottle of whisky to Steve Sorrell who had the heaviest rainbow trout weighing 2 lb 5 oz.



Sat 13th July        Loch Frandy

It was a beautiful day, conditions good but very bright most of the time. 10 members fished, total catch was 19 for 24lb. Best basket was Lee Lindop – 3 for 6lb and largest fish was Mike Ozinski – 2lb 7oz



Sat 14th Sept       Loch Carron

Outing was cancelled by Carron staff due to bad weather.



Cameron Outings Cup

Allan Miller won

Allan Miller won heaviest fish.




Friday 14th June … Tarsan Moth Competition

Friday the 14th of June was the Moth competition on Loch Tarsan. Weather wise conditions were perfect at the start with a light wind although there was some unexpected rain. The wind steadily picked up until about 20.30pm when it dropped and by 21.30 it had completely gone. Seven members turned up and 5 opted to fish boat house bay and two walked round to the opposite side. There were 3 Black Throated Divers spotted sitting out on the loch, just goes to show what wildlife can be seen at the Loch. Members started to arrive back at the boat house from 10pm onwards with Ronnie Ganley arriving back last after making a water stop to cool down his feet. A good bit of banter was had with valuable information of killer flies and tactics were exchanged between the competitors . Altogether 20 fish were weighed in for a total of 14lb 12oz giving a average of 12oz. The results are as follows 1st place Lee Lindop with 10 fish for 7lb 6oz Lee walked around the opposite side and fished Traditional flies on a sinking line . 2nd place was Ronnie Ganley with 5 fish for 3lb 8oz Ronnie also walked around to the other side and fished muddlers on a sinking line. 3rdplace was David Halliday with 2 fish for 1lb 12oz David stayed in boat house bay and fished a floating line with dries.



Wednesday 3rd July … Over 50’s Competition

On Wednesday 3rd July, the “Over 50s” competition was held at Loch Tarsan.  The weather conditions were good with a light breeze in the morning but slowly it got cloudy and the wind got up and after lunch the wind became very strong with light showers.  Seven members fished in the competition and 3 members weighed in with Hamish McInnes in 1st place having 4 fish for 3 lb 1 oz.  Second was Mike Osinski with 3 fish for 3 lb 12 oz with the heaviest fish at 1 lb 2 oz.  Third was Davy Landsburgh with 2 fish for 1 lb 12 oz.  All 7 members who fished had a thoroughly enjoyable day


Sun 15th – Sunday 22nd September … D. Pittman Competition ( Reservoir )

The Pittman Competition started on 15th September with the water being very coloured after rain during the weekend.  On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, the water was fairly coloured with cloudy and bright days and few fish being caught.  One member weighed in on Sunday, 15th September with 2 fish for 4 lb 6 oz with the heaviest fish at 2 lb 12 oz. There were no members weighed-in on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and also on Saturday 21st.  On Friday 20th, 4 members fished.  It was very foggy in the morning until about 10.30 when the fog lifted and then there was bright sunshine.  Mike Lindop weighed in on Friday with 5 fish at 8 lb 15 oz. The heaviest fish was 2 lb 3 oz. Saturday morning, 21st September was very bright with 4 members fishing and no fish being caught.  Early Sunday morning, the rains came and 2 members fished with Lee Lindop weighing in 5 fish.

17 members entered the Competition with only 5 members attending the weigh-in with a total of 17 fish being caught for a total weight of 34 lbs. 

The heaviest fish – Lee Lindop – 3 lbs 2 oz caught Sunday 22nd September.

Heaviest basket – Lee Lindop – 5 fish for a total weight of 11 lbs 1 oz caught Sunday 22nd September.

Second heaviest basket – Mike Lindop – 5 fish for total weight of 8 lb 15 oz




Sat 5th – Sat 12th October … Loch Eck Competition

Due to bad weather most of the week only six members took part with only four members weighing in and they were
Saturday 5 th October
David Halliday  1 fish at 7oz
Bill Rankin 1fish for 10oz
Kieth McKenzie 2 fish for 14 oz
There were no weigh ins on the Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday or Friday
Saturday 12 th October
Ron Ganley mil
Lee  Lindrop mil
Allan miller 2 fish for 9lbs 2ozs


The Jimmy Docherty Rover Challenge Trophy

There were four winner this year … Bob Clark, Alan Miller, Bill Rankin
and Alistair McGillivray






2018 Results

Results 2019



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