Members will be vetted to go forward to the National and Scottish Club events on the following criteria:

They will have won a DDAC Competition.

The winner of the “PJ Mackenzie Cup” being offered a place in the “SANACC National “.

The Scottish Club Competition team(s) are picked from the other DDAC competition winners.

Reserves – Shall be chosen from the membership on their skills in the Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout field to enable selection into the above, when a team placement becomes vacant.

Competitions for 2021 season

Sat April 10th Tarsan Comp Day 1

1 Graeme Henry – 10 fish for 14 lbs 15.4 ozs. also the heaviest fish at 2lbs 2.5 ozs
2 Ron Ganley – 10 fish for 14 lbs 3.1 ozs
3 Lee Lindop – 8 fish for 11 lbs 9.8 ozs
4 Harry Lindop – 4 fish for 6 lbs 4.5 ozs
5 David Halliday – 3 fish for 4 lbs 4.7 ozs
The weather did its usual, lovely sunshine with a biting North wind at times and snow/hailstones just to round it off.
Everybody seemed to enjoy the day and the quality of the fish was a bonus.

Sat May 8th Tarsan Comp Day 2

Ronnie Ganley 10 fish for 12lbs 10.1ozs
Allan Miller 3 fish for 3lbs 15.2ozs
Lee Lindop 3 fish 2lbs 9ozs
Simon Mullins 1 fish for 1lb 10.6ozs
Graeme Henry 1 fish for 0lbs 8.7ozs
The weather was foul at the start of the competition with rain and high winds, but the dog leg seemed to be the better side to fish as it was more sheltered.
We had one competitor fall in – Tarsan at its best.

Sat June 26th Tarsan Comp Day 3

Lee Lindop – 10 fish 6lbs 1.1ozs
Allan Miller – 7 fish 7lbs 14.9ozs
Greame Henry – 6 fish 4lbs 10.9ozs
Ron Ganley – 1 fish 1lb 1.4ozs
Again all enjoyed their day out.
Weather stayed settled but warm with little wind, this made walking Tarsan a little hot under the collar

Sat July 17th Tarsan Comp Day 4

Tarsan heat 4 results (moved to a new date due to covid) this is the final outing of the McKenzie Trophy.
Graeme Henry – 7 fish 5 lbs 3.1 ozs
Ronnie Ganley – 3 fish 3 lbs 9.7 ozs
Lee Lindop – 3 fish 3 lbs 10.7 ozs
The overall winner is Lee Lindop
The heaviest fish was won by Graeme Henry
Sat Aug 14th Tarsan Comp Day 5

Here is the result for the Tarsan heat 5 competition.
With the amount of rain over the past few days the water level was still about 10-12 ft from bottom of the Coll dam.

Lee Lindop 10 fish for 10 lbs 5.4 ozs
Ronnie Ganley 5 fish for 6 lbs 7.8 ozs
Graeme Henry 3 fish for 2 lbs 1.7 ozs

Sat June 12th Lake of Menteith

There are two prizes the heaviest bag and largest fish, but rules state only one prize can be awarded per person.
Heaviest bag – Ron Ganley for 9lbs 0ozs
Largest fish – Lee Lindop for 3lbs 12 ozs
It was an enjoyable day out, the weather was warm, mostly overcast but a strong westherly prevailed.
There were 5 boats booked, 9 members took part

Cameron Outings Cup

Friday June 18th … Tarsan Moth Competition

The Tarsan moth competition went ahead last night with only three people turning up, I think partly due to the England v Scotland match being on tv.
In first place was Lee Lindop with 10 fish for 9lbs 11ozs, in second place was Graeme Henry with 9 fish for 5lbs 10ozs is and in third place was Allan Miller with 4 fish for 4lbs 12ozs.
It was warm with a light breeze and a few fish moving with no midgies until the breeze died down then the midgies came out in force.

Wednesday July 7th … Over 50’s Competition

Graeme Henry … 4 fish and Winner of the Over 50’s Trophy at Loch Tarsan

Allan Miller … 3 fish

Keith McKenzie … 2 fish

Sun – Sunday 19th untill Sunday 26th September … D. Pittman Competition ( Reservoir )

Reservoir Pittman
Competition 2021

The Pittman Competition
started on Sunday 19th September with light rain in the morning and
brightening up in the afternoon. Simon
Mullins was the only member who weighed in with 5 fish caught weighing 8 lb.

The weather for the rest
of the week was light rain with sunny intervals and members weighed in every
day until Sunday 26th September.

On Tuesday 21st,
Keith Mackenzie weighed in 5 fish for 8 lb 4 oz with the heaviest fish 2 lb 4
oz. Keith was leading the competition
until Saturday 25th September when Lee Lindop weighed in 5 fish for
9 lb 8 oz and heaviest fish of 3 lb 11 oz.

2021 Competition

21 members entered the
competition with 11 members attending the weigh-in for a total of 47 fish being
caught for a total weight of 79 lbs 2 oz.

Heaviest fish – Lee Lindop – 3 lb 11 oz caught on Saturday 25th

Heaviest basket – Lee Lindop – 5 fish for a total of 9 lb 8 oz caught
on Saturday 25th September

2019 Competition Comparison

17 members entered the
competition with only 5 members attending the weigh-in for a total of 17 fish
being caught for a total weight of 34 lb.

It was great to see more
members weighing in this year.

Sat 2nd October untill Sat 9th October … Loch Eck Competition

The Loch Eck Competition went ahead between the 02/10/21 and 09/10/21, there was a very poor number of entrants considering the number of members within Dunoon and District Angling Club.
A total of six members took part with only two 12 inch sea trout being caught on Tuesday by member Keith McKenzie.
No one fished Saturday the 2nd and Monday the 4th , Wednesday the 6th or Friday the 8th.
Tom and Graeme Henry fished hard on the Thursday with no fish caught Allan Miller, Bill Rankin and Joe Docherty fished on Saturday the 9th with only small brown trout to show for their efforts.
All in all it had been a very bad year for the whole of Scotland partly due to the long hot summer and very low water. Ah well there is always next year !

The Jimmy Docherty Rover Challenge Trophy


2018 Results

Results 2019

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