Competitions for 2022 season

Sat April 9th Tarsan Comp Day 1

Ron Ganley – 1 fish for 1lb 0.5 ozs
Keith Mackenzie – 1 fish for 1lb 3.1 ozs
David Munroe – 1 fish for 1lb 11.6 ozs
Lee Lindop – 5 fish for 5lbs 5 ozs
Colin Brown – 6 fish for 6lbs 9.1ozs
Graeme Henry – 8 fish for 7lbs 4.2 ozs (Graeme also weighed in the heaviest fish at 1 lb 14.7 ozs)

It was a hard days fishing, as the weather was as predicted, bright sun and a cold wind from N.W

Sat May 7th Tarsan Comp Day 2

D.D.A.C. Loch Tarsan Competition Heat 2 7 th May 2022

  1. Lee Lindop 10 fish 9lbs 12.9oz
  2. Graeme Henry. 6 fish. 5lbs 14.3oz
  3. Duncan MacGillivray 4 fish. 4lbs 15.4oz
  4. Keith McKenzie. 4 fish. 3lbs 13.2oz
  5. Colin Brown. 3 fish. 3lbs 1.7oz
  6. David Halliday. 2 fish. 2lbs 12.1oz

Well done to all who fished the most recent Tarsan Competition! It was a decent day that started
with near perfect conditions- dull with a westerly wind. As the day wore on the wind dropped and
became more variable accompanied with periods of bright sunshine. Several intrepid ( and fit!)
anglers fished the top of the dog leg with this area providing the best sport on the day. All in all an
enjoyable day for anglers with a reasonable turn out. Well done to the two top bags returned by Lee
and Graeme. They covered a lot of ground and got the rewards for their endeavours. Hope to see
you all at the next Heat on 25 th of June and don’t forget the evening Moth Competition on the 17 th of
Duncan MacGillivray (Convener, Loch Tarsan)

Sat June 25th Tarsan Comp Day 3

The 3 rd Loch Tarsan Competition for the P.J. MacKenzie Shield took place last Saturday the 25 th June.
Once again conditions were unseasonable and difficult for anglers and the strong SE wind never
abated all day. Only 3 anglers participated with one weighing in fish.
Lee Lindop 4 fish for 3lb, 13.9 oz.
With two Competitions to go the Club Championship still remains undecided. The two remaining
days at Loch Tarsan take place on the 16 th of July and the 13 th of August and are both from 12 till
6pm. We also have the over 50’s Tarsan Competition on Wednesday 6 th July from 10am till 4 pm.
Hopefully the remaining events will be well attended. Tight lines!
Duncan F MacGillivray (Loch Tarsan Convener)

Sat July 16th Tarsan Comp Day 4

Finally we had more seasonal conditions for a Tarsan Competition with higher temperatures, a light westerly and even some sunny spells! Around a half dozen Club members turned out and with some guests from Dunrod A.C. using our boats it was good to see the Loch a little busier with anglers.

Results were as follows;

  1. Lee Lindop. 10 fish 13lbs 14.4 oz
  2. Graeme Henry. 10 fish. 10lbs 7.2 oz
  3. Duncan MacGillivray 5 fish. 5lbs 0.7 oz
  4. Colin Brown. 3 fish. 2lbs 9oz
  5. Keith Mackenzie. 2 fish. 1lbs 15.3 oz

Well done to the top two competitors whose efforts now see the Club championship go right to the wire with very little between them going into the last Competition on August 13th.

All competitors are asked to be back at the boat house to weigh in by 6.15 pm please.

D.F. MacGillivray


Sat Aug 13th Tarsan Comp Day 5

The final day of competition for the Mackenzie Shield and
the Club Championship took place on

Saturday 13th August.
Falling in a mini heatwave this afternoon Competition was looking like

being a tough challenge. One concession on the
conditions was a decent breeze from the east.

There was
also a little cloud cover early on before the strong sun broke through. Four

started the competition with three weighing in
fish. The result was as follows;


Lee Lindop.
6 fish 4lb 5.3oz


Graeme Hendry. 1 fish. 0lb 9.9oz


Duncan MacGillivray. 1 fish.
0lb 9.4oz

This final result saw Lee Lindop
take the Club Championship. He had begun the day with a slender lead over
runner up Graeme Hendry and extended this lead on the day with a very decent bag
given the difficult conditions. Lee’s consistency across the Competitions is to
be applauded and he ran out a worthy winner. Congratulations Lee!

Graeme Hendry also deserves
praise for some great bags of fish and staying in contention throughout. Graeme
also had the consolation of catching the biggest fish across the Competitions,
with a fish of 1lb14.7 oz. Well done Graeme!

As well as displaying considerable skill with a fly rod both of these
anglers adopt an approach that requires a huge physical effort to cover water
and seek out fish in rough terrain and a variety of weather conditions.

Duncan F MacGillivray,

Convener, Loch Tarsan.

Sat July 30th Lake of Menteith

Weather started with a goodly blow from the west, reducing eventually into a very warm afternoon. The water was very cloudy especially on the east banks, which made the fishing a bit more challenging.
There were 10members came to the outing, with five only catching.
D. Halliday 1 fish for 2lbs
D. Landsburgh 1 fish for 4lbs 4ozs (Largest fish)
R. ganley 2 fish fr 5lbs 8ozs
L. Lindop 2 fish for 6lbs (Largest bag)
D. Penman 1 fish for 3lbs 4ozs
The next outing is on the 10th September.

Sat September 10th Harelaw Loch

Friday June 17th … Tarsan Moth Competition

Wednesday July 6th … Over 50’s Competition

Hats off to those members
that turned out for the Over 50’s Competition at Loch Tarsan! On a day that
again could have passed as Autumn a handful of anglers were still prepared to
fish, despite an increasingly strong westerly that crested the water with white
horses and drove at times very heavy rain into their faces. Two anglers chose
to use a boat and although they required to come in early due to deteriorating conditions
the winning bag was their reward for braving the waves. Well done to Bill
Rankin who won the day returning 3
lovely fish including the biggest fish also.

Results were as follows:

No. of fish. Total Weight. Biggest fish.

Bill Rankin. 3. 3lbs10.7oz. 1lbs8.3oz.

Colin Brown. 2. 2lbs8.6oz. 1lbs7.5oz.

Keith Mackenzie. 2. 2lbs3.7oz. 1lbs2oz.

D.F.MacGillivray. 2. 2lbs0.1oz. 1lbs4oz.

L.Lindop. 0.

Sun – Sunday 18th untill Sunday 25th September … D. Pittman Competition ( Reservoir )

Sat 1st October untill Sat 8th October … Loch Eck Competition
The lock Eck competition went ahead from Saturday the 1 st October and ran till the Saturday the 8th of October.
There was a very poor turn out from the Dunoon and Sistrict angling club members for having over 140 members the turnout was simply shocking.
In total only 3 members fished the competition, they were:
Graham Henry fished on Wednesday the 5th but unfortunately did not contact any of the locks wild fish.
Saturday the 8th, Bill Rankin and myself Allan Miller fished the competition, we had a bit of mixed weather ranging from flat calm to torrential rain and at times high winds.
The fishing was hard going as always, with Bill Rankin only catching one 10″ sea trout.
I landed one Brown trout of about 11,1/2 inches but this was out of season and did not count to the weigh in. Shortly after that I hooked a very big fish which offered a very short fight as it snapped my 8 lb leader.
So the winner for the 2022 Lock Eck Competition is Bill Rankin with one Sea Trout, congratulations Bill.
There’s always next year.
If any club members has any ideas on how to make the competition more attractive so more people enter, please feel free to contact me or any of the committee with your thoughts.
Kind regards
Lucky Miller

The Jimmy Docherty Rover Challenge Trophy


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