Competitions (SANACC)

Members will be vetted to go forward to the National and Scottish Club events on the following criteria:

They will have won a DDAC Competition, with the  “PJ Mackenzie Cup” taking the top three placements for the “National Championship Competition”.

The Scottish Club Competition teams are picked from the other DDAC competition winners.

 Reserves – Shall be chosen from the membership on their skills in the Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout field to enable selection into the above, when a team placement becomes vacant.

Competitions for 2018 season

Sat 7th April  1st Tarsan Comp

Top rod was Lee Lindop with 10 fish @ 8lbs 2oz

In second place was Bill Rankin with 9 fish @ 7lbs 1oz

Heaviest fish was  Harry Lindop with a fish of 1lb

Only seven members came to the weigh -in

The total number of fish weighed in was 30 @ 23lbs 11oz


Sat 5th May 2nd Tarsan comp  

The second day of the Tarsan Competition took place on May 5th. Lee Lindop was first with 7 fish for 3lb 1oz. Harry Lindop and Ron Ganley came second equal with 3 fish each for a total of 3lb 1oz.


Sat 26th May ..3rd Tarsan Comp

  The loch was very low making wading quite difficult, it was a very sunny and hot day with a gusting wind which made casting difficult.  Six members attended the weigh in at the boat house and the top rod was, Harry Lindop with 9 fish at 6lbs 5ozs. In second place was Allan Miller with 6 fish at 4lbs  6ozs.

Sat 23rd June.. 4th Tarsan Comp

Fourth Tarsan competition 23rd June 2018, another warm day and the loch was low. Five members weighed in at 6pm at the boat house, all five caught fish. The top rod was Allan Miller with four fish at 2lbs 9 ozs.

Sat 4th Aug …. 5th Tarsan Comp

The loch was high enough for the last competition to take place. A dull and overcast day with a light wind, four members weighed in at the boathouse.  The top rod on the day was Allan Miller with 10@ 6lb 11oz, well done Allan.

The winner of the P.J. Mackenzie Trophy was Lee Lindop with 28@ 17lb 5oz.

The Tarsan Cup went to Harry Lindop with a trout of 1lb




Sat 12th May        Lake of Menteith

On Saturday 12 May, Dunoon and District Angling Club had their first outing of the season to the Lake of Menteith.  The weather was a bit bright for the fishing but 11 members had an enjoyable day.  Davy Landsburgh, President of DDAC presented Andy Mallaney with a bottle of whisky for the Best Basket with 3 rainbow trout weighing a total of 8 lbs and also a half bottle of whisky to Ron Ganley who had the heaviest rainbow trout weighing 3 lb 10 oz.


Sat 21st July         Black Loch

There were 13 of us and 16 fish weighing 27lb were caught. Ron Ganley had the best catch – 5 (3 weighing 7lb 1oz for the competition). Allan Mlller had the heaviest fish at 2lb 6oz. Keith Mackenzie caught 4 but most had less than 3.
The fishery was well managed with good facilities, boats and engines but the water is round in shape and pretty featureless. The fishery allowed anchoring which helped as it was quite windy but most of us struggled to get any action.There was a competition on while we were there and they anchored their boats in a row over the best spots so fishing a drift was difficult.
The hotel we had a meal at was good so we owe David Lilley a vote of thanks for his work in organising the outing.



Sat 15th Sept       Loch Frandy

On Saturday 22 September, Dunoon and District Angling Club had their third and final outing of the season to Loch Frandy near Auchterarder.  Fishing started at 9 am and the weather was extremely windy and cold. Fishing was tough but the wind subsided slightly during the afternoon. 10 members had an enjoyable day and a total of 17 fish were caught.  Davy Landsburgh, President of DDAC presented Ron Ganley with a bottle of whisky for the Best Basket with 3 rainbow trout weighing a total of 6 lbs 7 oz and also a half bottle of whisky to Bill Duff who had the heaviest rainbow trout weighing 2 lb 7 oz. Ron Ganley won the A Cameron Outings cup and will be presented with the trophy at the Annual Dinner on 24


Cameron Outings Cup

Winner Ron Ganley


Friday 15th June … Tarsan Moth Competition

A very poor turn out, only three members came to the weigh in and nine fish were weighed in.

After the long dry spell there was enough water for the competition to go ahead, there was very little wind which meant the midges were in their element.

The winner of the Moth competition was Allan Miller with four trout at 2lbs 3ozs.


Wednesday 4th July … Over 50’s Competition

Over fifty’s,  Wednesday 4 July 2018, luckily all members were fishing from boats as the loch was even lower than the last competition. After a very hot day eight members weighed in at 4pm, the winner was Keith Mackenzie with two fish at 12 ozs and Bill Duff had the heaviest fish weighing 12 ozs.

Sun 16th – Sunday 23rd September … D. Pittman Competition ( Reservoir )

The Pittman Competition started on 16th September with Sunday and Monday being fairly good days.  Tuesday 18th September was very foggy from 8 am until about 11 am when Hamish McInnes caught a lovely trout at 8 lb 4 oz.  Wednesday was a very stormy day with heavy rain and 2 members fished with one member catching 5 fish and the other 3 fish. From Wednesday 19th until Sunday 23rd, 11 members fished but nobody weighed in as word got about that Hamish was leading the competition with  the best basket weighing 15 lbs 7 oz

20 members entered the Competition. 58 fish were caught with a total weight of 131 lbs

9 members attended the Weigh-In.

The heaviest fish –Hamish McInnes8 lbs 4 oz caught Tuesday 18th September.

Second heaviest fish – Davy Landsburgh  4 lbs 8oz caught Tuesday 18th September

Heaviest basket –Hamish McInnes -5 fish for a total weight of 15 lbs 7 oz caught Tuesday 19th September.

Davy Landsburgh was second with 5 fish for a total weight of 12 lbs 6 oz.


Sat 6th – Sat 13th October … Loch Eck Competition

There were only six members took part with only three members weighing in, the overall winner was Bill Rankin who weighed in two fish for 1lb 3oz, second was Allan Miller with two fish for 1lb 1oz and third was Keith McKenzie with one fish for 8ozs.

The Jimmy Docherty Rover Challenge Trophy

Winner is Bill Rankin





2018 results



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