Competitions for 2022 season

Sat April 9th Tarsan Comp Day 1

Ron Ganley – 1 fish for 1lb 0.5 ozs
Keith Mackenzie – 1 fish for 1lb 3.1 ozs
David Munroe – 1 fish for 1lb 11.6 ozs
Lee Lindop – 5 fish for 5lbs 5 ozs
Colin Brown – 6 fish for 6lbs 9.1ozs
Graeme Henry – 8 fish for 7lbs 4.2 ozs (Graeme also weighed in the heaviest fish at 1 lb 14.7 ozs)
It was a hard days fishing, as the weather was as predicted, bright sun and a cold wind from N.W

Sat May 7th Tarsan Comp Day 2

Sat June 25th Tarsan Comp Day 3

Sat July 16th Tarsan Comp Day 4
Sat Aug 13th Tarsan Comp Day 5

Sat June 11th Lake of Menteith

Sat September 10th Harelaw Loch

Friday June 17th … Tarsan Moth Competition

Wednesday July 6th … Over 50’s Competition

Sun – Sunday 18th untill Sunday 25th September … D. Pittman Competition ( Reservoir )

Sat 1st October untill Sat 8th October … Loch Eck Competition

The Jimmy Docherty Rover Challenge Trophy


2018 Results

Results 2019

Results 2021

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