Local Fly Patterns

Three patterns that Bill Rankin kindly sent in, from left to right, for Rainbows and brownies, small black fly, and a sea trout pattern, all used with success localy.

Bob Clark sent these images of some of his creations, he said “Hope my fly tying is better than my photography… Wee doubles for the Ruel and a few wee tube flies to try on the Ruel and the Leven”  …. Thanks Bob great work

A few more local patterns from Bill Rankins fly box.

DDAC stalwart Jake Chambers sent these photos in, he said “My favourites for brownies and rainbows

(They’re used  flies, all a bit rough and chewed – they’re not tied specially!)” … Thanks Jake keep them coming !


DDAC member Bob Clark sent this photo in today, he said “Three for Tarsan that I wouldn’t be without, Black Pennel, Kate McLaren and a Cats Whisker kind of thing”. Thanks Bob these will work nicely !


Member Stewart Spark had the vice out today, he said “First time I’ve had a go at this fly tying malarky in 2-3 years, call this fly the ‘Conde Special’ after the creator, will work well on Loskin and Tarsan, if we can get out that is, hopefully this will happen in the next few weeks !

Bill Rankin has been busy at the vice again, three nice flies here, left to right are Copper Nymph, Nymph and “Just a bit of fun” … Thanks Bill, great work 😉

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