…Loch Tarsan

Loch Tarsan is a 273 acre upland loch situated by the side of the B838 which is a short drive from Dunoon.  Stocked with quality Brown Trout of a generous average size which respond to a variety of flies.  There is an abundance of bank fishing available or the choice of 4 boats available to hire for traditional loch style fishing in superb scenery. Fly fishing only !

Loch Tarsan early season can be a cold, bleak place, fish will come to the surface but only on the mildest days. Fishing during this part of the season is best during the day with sinking lines rating DI3 to 7 best. Lures such as viva, montana and black gold head tadpole are all worth a go, as the water warms and fish become more active, smaller more traditional patterns such as Bibio, Kate McLaren and Doobry will take fish on various lines from floater to sink. From June onwards, great evening fishing can be had with fish coming close into shore to feed on sedges, moths and small fry. Sport can be excellent fishing a team of dabblers or mini muddlers on a floating line pulling them through the surface. During late August and September some larger trout turn onto the minnows especially at the shallow north end, fry patterns and muddlers can often be effective at this time. The key to finding fish from the bank at Loch Tarsan is to keep on the move, don’t stay in one spot if there is nothing happening.  For the boat angler, the tactics and flies are just the same. All the shore lines are worth a drift and don’t ignore out in the middle as quite often at Tarsan lots of fish feed well out from the shore.






Pictured below is a fine specimen Brown Trout of 1lb 7oz caught by Bill Rankin in June 2015

bills troot

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