..River Cur

River Cur – DDAC have access to a pleasant stretch of this river located at the northern end of Loch Eck just to the side of the A815.  Tree lined pools and glides containing some lovely Brown Trout provide consistent sport.  Sea Trout and occasional Salmon are also present in this stretch of river from June onwards following favourable weather conditions.  Fly fishing highly recommended.  Worm and spinning also permitted.

The River Cur is a slow meandering river running through Glenbranter and into Loch Eck.   Access to the east bank of the river is from the roadside pool, with parking in the lay by on the A815 approximately 2 miles north of the Whistlefield Hotel. From this point several nice pools and good fly fishing can be had both up stream and down stream.  The river produces mainly Brown Trout with Sea Trout in small numbers and very occasionally Grilse/Salmon in late summer and early autumn. There is an abundance of flora and fauna and if you are fishing in the evening you can expect to be accompanied by the ‘wee beasties’, so a midge net is a must.  Traditional flies work well (Blue/Black Zulu, Kate Maclaren, Invicta etc) together with a floating line. A single handed 7/8 rated rod is more than adequate, if possible go lighter. Spinning and Worming is also allowed on the Cur and good sport can be had using a light spinning rod with a small Mepps. If worming let the worm drift down stream close to the bank or if the flow is too fast put a small weight on and let the worm bounce along the bottom. Catch and release is optional but encouraged, if you do decide to use this method please use barbless hooks as small brownies love worms and getting the hook out can be difficult. Brown Trout are territorial so if you do catch, move on.  Finally a word of caution, the Cur in most parts is not a wading river, and in many places especially in the lower reaches it is very deep, care must be taken, as some of the bank is eroded and overhangs the river. Good for the Sand Martins not so good for the Angler!



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