…Dunoon Reservoir

Dunoon Reservoir – A 5 acre reservoir situated in natural woodland near to Dunoon.  Stocked with hard fighting Rainbow Trout of a good average size.  Fly fishing only.  There are a limited number of daily permits.  Pre-booking is advisable.

Dunoon reservoir is stocked on a regular basis, situated behind Dunoon and is surrounded by woodland walks.  Fishing during the winter from November to March produces some of the best conditioned fish with full tails which will give you a good fight.  The best methods for this time of year would be a fast sinking line with a short leader combined with slowly fished lures and boobies.  If however the conditions are calm and fish are rising then you cannot go wrong using a floating line and a team of two or three buzzers.  As the weather starts to warm up towards the end of April and on towards June the fish start rising and a well placed dry fly will not go unnoticed and provides some very good fishing.  Come the Summer months of July and August lures will work particularly the Cats Whisker or Viva on a slow sinking line.  In the later months of September and October the best methods are sinking lines paired with bright nymphs and boobies in yellow and orange. A consistent and useful fly to have in your box throughout the year is a Damsel, especially a red-headed variant.






Visitors occasionally  have difficulty finding their way up to Dunoon Reservoir. Directions are as follows : Go to Nelson Street as indicated by the red arrow on the map, carry on up the hill to top of street,  through the trees following the single track road, bearing in mind this area is used by numerous dog walkers and pedestrians at all times of day so please keep your speed to a minimum, follow the road up to the car park, please be observant of the allocated disabled parking areas. The reservoir is a comfortable 25 minute walk from the Paint Shop.

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  1. Members,

    I would like to bring to all of your attention the increasing amount of non members who are fishing the Reservoir without purchasing valid day permits. Only this week i challenged two Gentlemen who informed me they had travelled from Hamilton to fish the Reservoir, unfortunately for them this was at 06.30, and when asking if they had purchased their permits the day before, as the Paint shop wasn’t opened, they replied they didn’t know they needed a permit, this would have been a valid answer if they hadn’t told me they hadn’t fished the Reservoir for a number of months. Both individuals moved on without any problems.

    Moving on two days, my partners father (Rod Brooks) challenged three other Males, one who was spinning, both three individuals took umbrage to Rod challenging them and felt the need to try intimidating tactics, but eventually seen sense and left the area. The Vehicle these three individuals where travailing in was a black pickup with a white roof, look out for this vehicle they probably wont have permits. (I know i will be looking out for it) Unfortunately i wasn’t with Rod when this situation developed.

    I am unsure how much the club spends stocking the Reservoir, i could be wrong, but persons not paying for a permit must surly have an adverse affect on the clubs funds.

    Feedback more than welcome.




  2. I had my very first outing as a new ‘one armed’ member on the reservoir on Monday (28/3). I was trying out a new one armed fly casting rig and happy to say it worked although not exactly very artistic to watch, no doubt. What a lovely place to get out to fish after a long lay-off. Many thanks to Dave and Bill for given me such a warm and supporting welcome to the club. Much appreciated. Failed to make any dent in the stock levels but will keep trying. Tight lines.


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