One comment on “A Dunoon Project Proposal

  1. These plans are just that -plans. It is however clear that there is no sensitivity or indeed recognition towards our interests from the Dunoon Project in this regard. I would think that even half of what is indicated in this plan / drawing would make game fishing impossible at the Reservoir. The plan seems to indicate that this whole project is based largely around mountain biking and would have implications for many other current activities e.g. walking , running, fly fishing, bird watching, dog walkers etc. I think that we have been and need to continue to be tolerant to other users of the Glen but it appears that this is not being extended to our interests by the proposals / plans. As the post above highlights the information event is on over the next two days and I would urge as many members as can to pop in, look at the proposals and if concerned politely express those concerns regarding our sport. Nothing will happen in the immediate future and if the plans are as they appear we will I suspect be looking at a long process for which we will require a Club strategy. Many glossy launches of plans come and go and we will be hoping this particular version is consigned to the scrap heap. Personally I am disappointed that this is how we are coming to hear about this after engaging in much earlier correspondence with this initiative. Our earlier correspondence being broadly supportive and asking to be kept informed of anything that might affect or interests.


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